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Home Insurance in Connecticut

The home represents the biggest single source of wealth for most Connecticut residents, which is why it needs to be protected. You can obtain the protection you need with a home policy from the Bogden Insurance Agency in Berlin, CT.

The Threat to Your Property

Your home may be a castle in terms of the comfort and security it provides, but the average house is hardly a castle in the literal sense. It is vulnerable to threats from both the outside and the inside. One of the more obvious threats is the weather, which can be harsh in Connecticut throughout the year. Wind, hail, and lightning can cause serious damage to any piece of property. Fire is one of the most serious threats to houses and the property contained within them. There are also plenty of threats to visitors, coming from family members, pets, or hazardous conditions. Some threats are financial rather than physical, related to legal action taken by those who suffer harm while on the property.

The Protections Provided by Home Insurance

A basic plan that we offer will pay for the repair or replacement of your home and its contents up to the policy's limit. Coverage will extend to most natural disasters, such as storms, and accidental events, including fires. In addition to the main building, a home policy will cover detached garages and related structures on the same property. Inside the home, the policy will pay to repair or replace furniture, appliances, and clothing damaged or destroyed in the same events or other factors, including theft. Additionally, a home policy will provide living expenses to occupants if the home is uninhabitable. In terms of personal liability, home insurance will cover medical and other expenses for those harmed while on the property. Protect yourself, your family, and your property with a home policy from the Bogden Insurance Agency in Berlin, CT.

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