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Renters Insurance in Connecticut

When you rent a house or apartment in Berlin, CT, it is easy to assume that the landlord’s Homeowners Insurance will cover your personal belongings if anything happens to them. Unfortunately, under Connecticut insurance law, only the structure, plumbing, and built-in appliances will be covered by the landlord’s insurance. Their policy will not cover your personal possessions. Look at all the things you worked so hard for and think about how much it would cost to replace them all. Then ask yourself, should any of your property be damaged or lost right now, will you be able to replace your items, or will you have to do without them? Having a renter’s insurance policy in place will help you easily replace items after a loss.

Another reason to always buy a renter’s insurance policy is personal liability coverage. If a friend or a visitor is accidentally injured or their belongings are damaged in your home, such a policy will help you cover the damage claims made against you.

A third reason for purchasing a renter’s insurance policy is that it pays for any unforeseen temporary accommodation costs if your rented house or apartment sustains structural damage. The property owner will cover the repairs to the structure. Still, you may have to temporarily move out while the repairs are taking place, leaving you out of pocket. Given that Connecticut is prone to heavy snowfalls, the roof may get damaged and need repairs while you need to find a temporary place to stay.

Bogden Insurance Agency, serving the area of Berlin, CT, offers renter’s insurance policies to suit various circumstances. It is smart to consult with an insurance agent to ensure that your policy provides sufficient coverage for your particular needs. The Bogden Insurance Agency’s friendly staff will be happy to assess your situation and recommend a suitable policy. Come in and see us.

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