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Connecticut Umbrella insurance coverage
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Umbrella Insurance in Connecticut

Are you looking for insurance protection that goes beyond your insurance policy limits? If so, you should consider investing in an umbrella insurance policy through us here at Bogden Insurance Agency in Berlin, CT. While you may be under the impression that your basic policies will keep you fully covered in all situations, you are incorrect. Umbrella insurance has one main purpose and that is to cover you and your family no matter what. It extends beyond insurance policy limits on your auto, home, and other policies.

Umbrella Insurance Requirements Connecticut

Even though umbrella insurance is not required, it is highly recommended. It is usually recommended for policyholders to obtain at least $1 million in coverage to provide coverage beyond the limits of their current home and auto insurance policies. This is true even if these policies do not have more than $1 million in assets. Our policies protect landlords in the event of lawsuit or injury. These policies are very flexible. An LLC will only protect your assets in the state that you registered your LLC, while an umbrella policy will cover real estate investments in more than one state.

Coverage Options

Umbrella insurance coverage will extend your current liability coverage limits and provide you with additional coverage for property damage and bodily injury. Umbrella insurance coverage will also aim to cover additional things that are not already under certain liability allowances. Every policy is not the same. An umbrella insurance policy will kick in when you either go over your liability coverage limits or when certain situations come about.

If you are sued for something that happened at your house, umbrella insurance will protect you if the costs of the legal matters exceed your liability coverage in your home insurance policy. An umbrella insurance policy will protect you if you are ever involved in a multi-care accident that puts you at fault and your liability costs exceed your limits on your auto insurance policy.


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