Food Truck Insurance: Savoring Success on Wheels

Running a food truck is a dynamic venture that combines culinary passion with mobile entrepreneurship. Food truck owners face unique challenges and risks that demand specialized commercial insurance coverage in the Berlin, CT area. 

Understanding the Risks on the Road

Food trucks operate with specific challenges that traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants may not encounter. Insurance coverage needs to account for:

  • Mobile Operations: Serving customers on the move requires coverage that adapts to the unique risks of mobile food service.
  • Vehicle Protection: As the food truck is both a kitchen and a vehicle, insurance must cover potential damages to the vehicle, whether in transit or parking.
  • Liability Risks: Serving food to the public raises liability concerns, including the risk of foodborne illnesses or accidents in the food truck.

Vehicle and Equipment Coverage

Adequate insurance for food trucks includes:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Protects the food truck against damages or losses while driving or parking.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Addresses the cost of repairing or replacing essential kitchen equipment in case of malfunctions.

Liability Protection for Mobile Operations

Food truck owners need liability coverage for:

  • General Liability Insurance: Protects against claims of bodily injury or property damage that may occur in a food truck.
  • Product Liability Insurance: Covers legal expenses and settlements if a customer experiences illness or injury due to the food.

Navigating Event-Specific Risks

Food trucks often participate in events, festivals, and catering, introducing additional risks:

  • Special Event Insurance: Extends coverage to specific events, ensuring the food truck is adequately protected during off-site operations.
  • Catering Liability Insurance: Addresses liabilities unique to catering services, such as accidents or injuries at private events. 

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Does commercial insurance cover ransomware attacks?

Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent and malicious. Ransomware is malware that encrypts data, rendering it unusable or unreadable until a ransom is paid. These attacks can be extremely damaging, resulting in downtime, loss of data, and damage to a business’s reputation. With the increasing threat of ransomware, Bogden Insurance Agency wants businesses in Berlin, CT to understand their insurance options to mitigate the risks associated with these attacks.

Does commercial insurance cover ransomware attacks?

Some commercial insurance policies offer specific cyber policies that cover cyber risks, such as ransomware attacks. Cyber insurance policies can offer additional coverage, such as data recovery and cyber liability insurance, which covers legal fees and damages resulting from a cyberattack. 

Another type of insurance policy that may cover ransomware attacks is business interruption insurance. This policy covers loss of income and expenses related to a cyberattack interrupting your business operations. This policy can be invaluable in recovering from a ransomware attack, as businesses face the ransom demand and the costs of dealing with the attack, such as data recovery and IT support.

Businesses should ensure that they understand the terms and conditions of their policy and speak with their insurance agent to identify any gaps in coverage. Cybercrime and its associated risks change rapidly; check your coverage at least once a year to ensure your business has the coverage it needs.

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Ransomware attacks can be extremely costly in the short and long term. Berlin, CT businesses need to understand their insurance options to effectively mitigate the risks associated with these attacks. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take action to protect your business today by contacting Bogden Insurance Agency. This can be confusing, so contact us anytime you have questions.

When is it necessary to have commercial insurance for a Connecticut business?

Anyone that is looking to be their own boss and wants to start a new business will need to find a place to open. When you are looking for a new place to start a business, it would be wise to consider Berlin, CT as it offers various amenities and advantages to small businesses. If you are going to be a business owner here, you will want to keep proper insurance.

There are various situations when having commercial insurance will be necessary:

When Raising Capital

One situation when having commercial insurance is necessary is when you want to raise capital. Having access to capital is necessary for many businesses. Whether you are bringing on investors or taking out a loan, there is a good chance you will be required to carry commercial insurance. Lenders, investors, and other stakeholders will want you to carry commercial insurance as it ultimately protects your business and its investment. 

When Hiring Employees

It can also be necessary to get commercial insurance when you want to hire new employees. For those that are in Connecticut, providing worker’s compensation insurance is a necessity in many cases. Not only is it a great way to protect your team and business, but not having coverage could end up being a legal violation as well. 

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Is Commercial Insurance Required in CT?

Not every state requires the same type or amount of commercial insurance. Specific to Connecticut, businesses are required to carry two different kinds – workers’ compensation insurance and commercial auto insurance. As the name implies, workers’ compensation helps pay medical bills associated with workplace injuries and illnesses along with lost wages incurred while the employee is recovering.

In Connecticut, any business with employees – full-time or part-time – is required to have workers’ compensation insurance. However, if it is a household employee that works fewer than 26 hours per week, workers’ compensation insurance is not mandated. Any business owned vehicle must be covered by commercial auto insurance that protects against financial loss if an auto accident occurs. Although not required, if your employees use their personal vehicles for work purposes then hired and non-owned auto insurance should be utilized as personal auto policies exclude business use. 

In addition to workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance policies, CT business owners may want to consider professional liability insurance and cyber liability insurance. Professional liability insurance, otherwise known as errors and omissions insurance, helps to protect professional services and covers lawsuits over late, erroneous, or undelivered work. Conversely, cyber liability insurance helps to cover the monetary damages and losses associated with data breaches and cyber attacks. 

Owning a business is the epitome of the American dream and it is important to protect your livelihood. At Bogden Insurance Agency in Berlin, CT our friendly and knowledgeable team of insurance professionals are ready and willing to assist with all your commercial insurance needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to learn more about how we can help you. 

Why you need commercial insurance for your home business

Home businesses have become increasingly popular. About 50% of small businesses in the United States are classified as home businesses. Having your business in your home is both cost-effective and convenient. However, when it comes to insurance, you should check with your insurance agent. How your carrier views home businesses may surprise you. At Bogden Insurance Agency in Berlin, CT, we are here to answer those important insurance questions you may have about your home business. 

Property insurance

You have property insurance on your home to protect both the building and your contents. Depending on the type of home business that you have, you may have more than just a few pieces of office equipment to protect from loss or damage. Home insurance may cover your office and a limited amount for things like a desk or a copier, but if you have records and inventory that you store at home, you could find that your home insurance is not going to give you the amount of protection you need. 

Liability insurance

Home insurance offers you protection from legal action taken against you by someone who is injured by you or a family member. As a business owner, you are even more vulnerable to getting sued by a client or a vendor. If someone is visiting you at your home on business, you may find out your home insurance does not cover these injuries. They are also likely not to cover a dissatisfied customer who sues you. 

Auto insurance

When you use your personal vehicle for business, your auto insurance may opt not to cover you. You should talk to your insurance agent about commercial auto insurance. 

If you have or are considering having a home business, talk to Bogden Insurance Agency in Berlin, CT about the best way to make sure you have insurance coverage. 

What commercial insurance is required in Connecticut

Owning a business in Connecticut is challenging on its own but add to that, all the risks that can threaten your business and the need for commercial insurance are all too evident. Every state has its own requirements for commercial insurance, and it is up to every business owner to know those and be in compliance. But beyond what is required, there are lines of commercial insurance your business can benefit from. At Bogden Insurance Agency in Berlin, CT, we take the time to get to know our customers and their risks. 

Workers’ Compensation

All businesses in the state are required to cover their workers with workers’ compensation insurance. It doesn’t matter if the employees are seasonal, full, or part-time. You do, however, have the option of self-insuring. 

Commercial Auto

If your business owns automobiles, you are required to have commercial auto insurance. The amount required is:

  • Liability for bodily injury: $25,000 per individual / $50,000 per incident
  • Liability for damaged property: $25,000 per accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist: $25,000 each person / $50,000 total

Just because a particular type of commercial insurance isn’t required does mean your business won’t benefit from having it. Some commercial insurances to consider are:

  • Commercial property insurance
  • Commercial liability coverage

Commercial property insurance

Whether you own the building where you do business or rent, your business can benefit from commercial property insurance. Beyond just the physical building, it protects the things inside the building. It can help replace your machinery, inventory, records, office equipment, and raw materials. 

Commercial liability insurance

Businesses are particularly vulnerable to being sued. You may be sued by someone who was injured while visiting your business, someone who was dissatisfied with one of your products, or a service you provided. Being sued can cost a lot in legal fees as well as a judgment.

If you have a business in the Berlin, CT area, contact Bogden Insurance Agency for your commercial needs.