Classic Car Insurance: Optional Coverage Types

If you are actively restoring your classic vehicle, you may want to pursue optional coverage that will protect your vehicle while it is being modified. Learn about some optional coverage types. Then, reach out to a Bogden Insurance Agency representative who serves Berlin, CT to update your insurance policy.

Preservation Options

Preserving your classic car will require that you purchase OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. You can provide proof of your restoration project simply by outlining the steps that you plan on taking and by submitting receipts that support your project.

As your preservation project is underway, keep a careful record of all the automotive materials that you have purchased. Keep the receipts for your purchases in a spot where you can easily retrieve them. When it is time to modify your insurance policy, you will have the information needed to prove that your project is underway.


Consider the tools that you are using to restore your vehicle. These tools should be insured during the restoration project. Receive an appraisal of the equipment that you will be using while modifying your vehicle. Seek a classic car insurance add-on that will provide adequate coverage for the essential materials that you will be using.


Hood decorations and other memorabilia items that are displayed on your vehicle and inside of it can be insured. These items may be valuable, both monetarily and sentimentally. Keep track of all the memorabilia you own. Then, seek coverage for these items.

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Our friendly agents at Bogden Insurance Agency will answer any questions that you have about classic car insurance. Reach out to one of our agents who serve Berlin, CT at a time that is convenient for you.

Why should I get classic car insurance versus a standard plan?

Owning a classic car has been a dream for a lot of people in the Berlin, CT area. If you choose to purchase a classic car, you will be making a unique investment as these vehicles can actually appreciate in value over time. Because of this, a classic car needs a different type of auto coverage. There are various reasons why you should invest in a classic car plan. 

Coverage for Full Value of Car

One of the most important reasons to have a classic car insurance plan is that you can get coverage for the full value of the car. Standard vehicles tend to depreciate in value each year. However, a classic car can actually increase in value. With a standard auto plan, it can be hard to capture this full value. With a classic car insurance policy, you can work with the insurer to come up with a fair coverage amount based on the collectible value. 

Coverage Reflects Liability Risks

Your classic car insurance can also be a good option as it can help reflect your current liability risks. Classic car drivers tend to drive sparingly. However, you still need liability coverage, even if you only drive a few miles per year. With classic car insurance, your plan will price your insurance based on the nominal miles driven. 

Reach Out To Us

Anyone who purchases a classic car in the Berlin, CT area will want to get the right insurance for it. When you are ready to start looking for your next classic insurance plan, it would be a good idea to call our professionals with the Bogden Insurance Agency. There are always a lot of big decisions to make when looking for this coverage, and our team at Bogden Insurance Agency can help ensure you build a plan that properly covers your classic car. 

Does classic car insurance cover my car if I drive it every day?

You finally did it. You saved up, did your research, and took the plunge. You bought a classic car! And of course, you want to show it off around Berlin, CT.  Now the question is… how do you insure it?

Do you need a special classic car policy from Bogden Insurance Agency? Can you just use your regular ol’ car insurance? 

Classic Car Coverage

First, let’s start with what classic car insurance is. Classic car insurance is a type of auto insurance that is designed specifically for classic cars. Agreed value and parts replacement coverage generally make classic car insurance more expensive than regular car insurance, but there are limits on how much you can drive it. Classic car insurance is designed for cars you only drive occasionally – not your daily driver.

If you plan on driving your classic car every day, then you’ll likely want to get a standard car insurance policy that will cover your vehicle including collisions and comprehensive coverage. However, if you only plan on driving your classic car occasionally, then a classic car insurance policy might be a better option since it will generally have lower premiums and offer additional coverage options.

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When insuring your classic car, the best thing to do is talk to Bogden Insurance Agency about what coverage options are available and which one makes the most sense for you based on how often you plan on driving your vehicle around Berlin, CT. We can help answer any other questions you might have and make sure you’re getting the best possible rate on your classic car insurance policy.