How Much Coverage Do I Need to Carry to Protect My Home?

When it comes to protecting your home, you can’t have too much coverage, or can you? Many people think that, adding coverage amounts that far exceed the value of your home, will allow you to have a bigger cash out if something happens to your home. But actually, that is not true.

Insurance laws do not allow people to collect insurance claim payouts for more than the home is actually worth. Therefore, it is wise to stay within the limits of the value of your home if you sold it today and not to exceed that. That being said, there are instances when you need extra insurance for certain circumstances such as floods or complete loss of the home that would require you to exceed the base value.

How much is enough? That depends on the actual value of your home, plus the amount you have invested in it if it is not included in the potential sales price. Of course, there are many other factors to take into account. That’s when you need an expert.

Who Can You Trust?

Bogden Insurance Agency serves the Berlin CT area and they are experienced at advising people on how much insurance to get to make sure your home is covered, no matter what disaster comes your way. They can also advise homeowners on other types of insurance such as flood, fire, and auto insurance.

Protecting your investment is their primary goal and they treat every customer like family!

They can share information with you about the appropriate amount of insurance, as well as the types of insurance coverage you need to be sure your home is protected, no matter what comes your way in the future. 

See Bogden Insurance Agency if you’re looking for homeowner’s insurance in the Berlin, CT area. They can help you prepare for anything!