How to File a Home Insurance Claim Successfully

Experiencing damage to your home can be overwhelming, but knowing how to file an insurance claim properly can help you manage the situation more effectively. Here at Bogden Insurance Agency, serving Berlin, CT, and surrounding areas, we’re committed to helping you navigate the claims process smoothly and successfully. Here are the steps to start the process.

Step 1: Assess the Damage

Before doing anything, make sure that it is safe to assess the damage and enter the home. Your safety is key. Once it’s safe, take a detailed account of what’s been affected in your home. Documenting everything accurately is crucial for your claim.

Step 2: Document Everything

Take clear photos or videos of all the damage. Documenting these details is critical for your insurance claim. Make a list of damaged or lost items and note any changes that occur to the home. Keep receipts if you need to buy anything to make immediate repairs or cover living expenses if you can not live in your home during renovations.

Step 3: Stop Further Damage

Make sure that your property is safe from further damage. This may include covering broken windows, turning off water to prevent flooding, or other immediate measures. 

Step 4: Work with the Adjuster

Our adjuster team will visit your home to assess the damage. Be prepared to show them the damage and provide the documentation you’ve collected. Answer any questions thoroughly and keep notes about what is discussed for your own records.

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