Why Renter’s Insurance is Essential if You Have a Pet

Residents of Berlin, CT, love their pets. About two-thirds have at least one pet in their household. While having a dog, cat, or other animal can bring you joy, it can also pose a liability risk. That’s why you must ensure that your renter’s insurance policy covers incidents caused by your furry friend. Bogden Insurance Agency can help you determine what you need to cover your risk.

Injuries and Damages Your Pet May Cause

The American Veterinary Association indicates that 4.5 million people suffer dog bites annually, sometimes inflicting severe injuries. You’ll be responsible for medical expenses if your dog injures another person while on your rental property. Animals can inflict other injuries, too, including broken bones and bruises, if someone trips and falls over the animal. Generally, most renters’ policies provide $100,000 to $300,000 in liability. You’ll have coverage up to your liability limits when your pet injures someone. The same applies if your pet damages someone’s property while in your rental home. However, you must check your policy terms to determine if it covers pets.

What If My Renter’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover Pets?

If, after reviewing your policy, you determine that pet liability isn’t included, you have another option. Some insurance companies offer separate animal liability coverage on top of the renter’s insurance. The size of your pet and its breed, as well as your location and the liability limits you choose, will determine the cost of this extra insurance. Note that the cost for some dog breeds that cause injuries will be higher. It’s important to understand your policy terms and make an informed decision about the coverage you need for your pet.

Note that renter’s insurance or additional pet liability will not cover damage to your items or the unit where you live. If you need advice on pets and renter’s insurance, the professionals at Bogden Insurance Agency, servicing Berlin, CT, will gladly help. Call today.