How condo insurance compares to home insurance

A condo is a home, but it needs to have specific insurance designed specifically for the condo. While houses and condos have a lot in common, they have very different insurance needs.

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Benefits of Condo Insurance

When you purchase a condo, there are many benefits. One of them is that you aren’t responsible for the exterior of the building. This extends to insuring the exterior and any common areas. The condo association has a master policy that insures these areas. They have both property and liability coverage. That is a major difference between condo and home insurance. 

Before you purchase your condo insurance, it is important that you know exactly the coverage provided by the master policy. Not every policy is the same. How deep it goes into your unit is different. It can be all in or walls in or something in between. Read your covenant and let your insurance agent know what your coverage is. 

Content coverage for the condo may include things like kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures. But your personal items will be covered in the same way that home insurance covers them, with you choosing the type of coverage you prefer. 

Liability coverage will protect you inside your unit. The exterior liability coverage is held by the condo association. 

Additionally, like a home policy, you will have a loss of use coverage. This will help you to pay for another place to stay in the event that your unit becomes so damaged that it can’t be lived in. 

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