How to Secure Personal Belongings Coverage Under Your Home Insurance

Losses of property such as electronics, furniture, and other valuables during a fire or other event, are typically covered under your homeowner’s policy. While some certain limits and factors affect coverage, a skilled insurance agent can help guide you through your insurance policy to understand how much coverage you have and what is covered. Trusting professionals with years of experience and knowledge can give you welcomed peace of mind.

Bogden Insurance Agency of Berlin, CT has been helping homeowners and others with personal property insurance coverage stay protected during times of disasters and other adverse events.

Type of Personal Property Insurance

In general, two types of personal insurance coverage may be a part of your homeowner’s insurance policy. These include Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost. Different factors can affect the level of coverage of these insurance types, so it is crucial to speak with your agent to learn more.

Actual Cash Value will reimburse a certain amount based on the current value of a possession. There are usually limits on this amount, and other factors may affect it. With Replacement Cost, a certain amount is paid to replace a particular item during the claim. It is important to discuss limits and details with your agent within your homeowner’s insurance plan that covers personal property.

Quality Insurance in Connecticut

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